Week 8
Read Chapter 7
Chapter 8 – Securing Wireless and Mobile Solutions
Action – Ian’s Book Key Elements
Read pages 227 -247 taking notes
Complete all 27 review questions
Any review questions that are wrong or missing then go back into the chapter and read those areas
Action – Videos Professor Messer
1.4 Network Attacks

  • Rogue Access Point and Evil Twin
  • Wireless Dissociation Attacks
  • Wireless Jamming

3.4 Wireless Security

  • Wireless Cryptography
  • Wireless Authentication Methods
  • Wireless Authentication Protocols
  • Installing Wireless Networks

3.5 Mobile Security

  • Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Mobile Device Enforcement
  • Mobile Deployment Models
Action – Lab Exercises (optional) 101 Labs
46 – Monitor Wi-Fi signals with Kismet
49 – Hacking WPS networks with Wifite
CompTIA Security+ – 101Labs.net
Ian’s Website
PBQ – Wireless
Labs | Ian Neil’s Security+ Study Materials (securityplus.training)
Wireless Networks
Securing Your Wireless Access Point

  • Change Default Username and Password
  • Disable SSID
  • Mac Filtering

Wireless Channels
Site Survey
Heat Map
Captive Portal
Wireless Encryption – WEP/WPA2/WPA3

  • Enterprise

WPA3 versions
Wireless Attacks
Wireless Authentication Protocols
MDM/Remote Wipe
Mobile Device Connection Methods
Geofencing/Geolocation/GPS tagging