Attacks PBQ

Performance-based questions (PBQs) are an alternative style of question to multiple-choice. In these examples, you should match each option from the right-hand side with the corresponding option on the left-hand side. Drag-and-drop all of the options into the correct gap to complete the question. Each option will turn green when it is dropped into the right place.
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Complex Password
Stored Procedure
Hundreds of SYN/SYNACK connections
Prevented by using multifactor authentication
Input Validation
Common Passwords
Uses the hashcat, pwdump7 or NTLM
Spreads throughout the network
<script> redirection.js </script>
Self-propagates through the network
Imitates a real device
Uses a popular website
Redirects to a fake website
Puts device on the network without consent
Click on a link
Uses telnet, nc, nmap, curl or DMitry
Brute Force
SQL Injection
Buffer Overflow
Password Spraying
Evil Twin
Directory Traversal
Watering Hole Attack
DNS Poisoning
Shadow IT
Banner Grabbing