Wireless PBQ

Performance-based questions (PBQs) are an alternative style of question to multiple-choice. In these examples, you should match each option from the right-hand side with the corresponding option on the left-hand side. Drag-and-drop all of the options into the correct gap to complete the question. Each option will turn green when it is dropped into the right place.

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The channel for your first wireless device
You access the wireless network by pushing a button
Third party authentication using a Wireless Access Point
The original SSID that needs to be changed immediately
Wireless version that needs a certificate on the endpoint
A weak version of wireless authentication
WPA2 Enterprise needs a RADIUS server and ……………….?
Gaining access to the internet by using non-corporate resources
You need this to connect your Wireless Access Point to a RADIUS Server
WPA3 version that replaces WPA2-PSK
Shows you where good and bad wireless connectivity is
Corporate version of wireless authentication
Strongest WPA2 version that uses certificates
Controls access to a Wireless Access Point
Wireless version that connects via a QR Code
The channel for your second wireless device
What should be done before installing a wireless network?
Prevents your wireless network name from being broadcasted
Channel 1
RADIUS Federation
Pre-Shared Key
Active Directory
Evil Twin
Shared Secret
Heat Map
WPA2 Enterprise
MAC Filtering
Wi-Fi Easy Connect
Channel 11
Site Survey
Disabling SSID