Title Description
Jamming Blocks signals by interference.
Job Rotation Moving employees from positions to upskill and detect fraud or theft.
Jump Server A secure server an administrator can use to access a network.
KDC Key Distribution Center. A server that allocates Kerberos tickets.
Kerberos Active Directory authentication protocol that allocated tickets.
Keylogger Device that monitors key strokes.
Kill Chain Lockhead Martin method that describes the stages of a threat.
L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. VPN protocol used in conjunction with IPSec.
LAN Local Area Network. A secure internal network.
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Protocol used to search and manage Active Directory.
LDAPS Secure version of LDAP.
Least Privilege Allocates the minimal permission to perform a job function.
Load Balancer Distributes client request to the least utilized server.
Logger Adds comments to a log file.
Logic Bomb An attack using a trigger such as time, script, batch file, or scheduled task.
Loop Protection Looping is broadcast traffic on a switch. Prevented by the Spanning Tree Protocol.
MaaS Monitoring as a Service. Cloud-based network monitoring service.
MAC Mandatory Access Control. Control access to classified data.
MAC Address. Media Access Control Address. A unique hexadecimal address allocated to a host.
MAC Flooding Where a port on a switch has been flooded with more than one MAC Address.
MAC Spoofing Cloning a MAC Address.
MAM Mobile Application Management. Controls applications deployed to endpoint devices.
MAN Metropolitan Area Network. A network for the police, ambulance, or fire service within a city.
Managerial Control Policies written to manage the risk within a company.
Mandatory Vacations Enforcing vacations for workers. Good for detecting fraud or theft.
Maneuver Threat actor or a defender may deceive to give them a positional advantage.
Mantrap Physical device that controls access to building or datacenters.
MD5 Message Digest 5. 128-bit cryptographic hashing function to determine data integrity.
MDM Mobile Device Management. An enterprise solution to manage mobile devices including remote wipe.
Measured Boot UEFI feature that ensures that they boot process has not been tampered with.
Memory Leak Poorly written application that consumes an excessive amount of memory.
Metadata Detailed information about a document or picture.
MFA Multifactor Authentication. Uses at least two different types of factors of authentication.
MFD Multifunction Device. A device that can scan, copy, and print.
MFP Multifunction Printer.
Man-in-the Middle An attacker intercepts a conversation between two users.
ML Machine Learning. Part of Artificial Intelligence where a computer automated the analysis of data and can predict outcomes without further programming.
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service. Allows images, audio, or videos to be transferred between cell phones.
MOA Memorandum of Agreement. An agreement to carry out work that is legally binding.
MOU Memorandum of Understanding. An agreement to carry out work that is not legally binding.
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching. Creating by CISCO. A fast method of prioritizing traffic.
MS-CHAP Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol. A Microsoft legacy authentication protocol.
MSP Managed Service Provider.
MSSP Managed Security Service Provider. A managed security configuration and monitoring service.
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures. Measures the reliability of a system by logging failures.
MTTR Mean Time to Repair. Average time to repair a system or device.
Multipath Multiple paths to access a Storage Area Network.
NAC Network Access Control. Ensure that computer or device used is fully patched.
NAS Network-attached Storage. A high-capacity centralized storage device.
NAT Network Address Translation. Used to hide the internal network.
NDA Non-disclosure Agreement. A confidential agreement not to share internal information or knowledge with third parties.
Nessus One of the best commercial vulnerability scanners.
Netflow Developed by CISCO to analyze the network traffic.
NFC Near-field Communication. Used for short range contactless payment.
NGFW Next-generation Firewall. Operates at Layer 7 to analyze application traffic and intrusion detection to cloud inspection.
NIC Network Interface Card. Allows connection to a network by inserting an ethernet cable.
NIDS Network-based Intrusion Detection System. Monitors change in network traffic patterns.
NIPS Network-based Intrusion Prevention System. Prevents network-based attacks.
NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology. Develops internet security standards and guidelines.
Nonce Arbitrary number used for cryptographic communications.
Non-Repudiation Ensuring that someone cannot deny sending data or a message.
Normalization Helps to improve the speed of a database.
NTLM New Technology LAN Manager. A legacy authentication protocol that stores passwords as MD4 hashes and is prone to pass-the-hash attacks.
NTP Network Time Protocol. Synchronizes time on all devices with a network, used by SIEM and a Kerberos Server.