Week 3
Read Chapter 2
Chapter 3 – Investigating Identity and Access Management
Action – Ian’s Book Key Elements
Read pages 65 -106 taking notes
Complete all 59 review questions
Any review questions that are wrong or missing then go back into the chapter and read those areas
Videos – Professor Messer
2.4 Authentication and Authorization

  • Authentication Methods
  • Biometrics
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

3.7 Identity and Account Management

  • Identity Controls
  • Account Types
  • Account Policies

3.8 Authentication and Authorization Services

  • Authentication Management
  • Cryptography limitations
  • Quantum Computing

3.9 Public Key Infrastructure

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • PAP and CHAP
  • Identity and Access Services
  • Federated Identities
  • Access Control
Action – Lab Exercises (optional) 101 Labs
13 – How to SSH into a server from a Windows
Machine using PuTTY
CompTIA Security+ – 101Labs.net
Ian’s Website
Lab 6 – Emulating Group Policy
Labs | Ian Neil’s Security+ Study Materials (securityplus.training)
Identity and Account Types
Access Control Schemes
Privilege Access Management
AAA Servers and their clients
Location Based Authentication
Impossible Time Travel
Risky Logins
Kerberos Authentication
Federation Services Authentication
Open Authentication (OAuth)
Security Tokens and Devices – TOTP/HOTP
Certificate Based Authentication
Linux Permissions
Biometric Authentication and Errors
Password Policies