Week 1
Chapter 1 – Understanding Security Fundamentals
Action – Ian’s Book Key Elements
Read pages 3-27 taking notes
Complete all 25 review questions
Any review questions that are wrong or missing then go back into the chapter and read those areas
Action – Videos Professor Messer
2.7 Physical Security Controls
2.7 Secure Areas
4.1 Forensic Tools
4.5 Digital Forensics
4.5 Forensic Data Acquisition
4.5 Managing Evidence
5.1 Security Controls
Action – Lab Exercises (optional) 101 Labs
56 – How to use MD5 checksums to determine if a file contains malware
CompTIA Security+ – 101Labs.net
Ian’s Website
Lab1 -Hashing
Labs | Ian Neil’s Security+ Study Materials (securityplus.training)
Least Privilege
Defense in Depth

  • Detective and Deterrent Controls
  • Compensating Controls
  • Access Controls
  • Mandatory Access Controls
  • Physical and Building Controls

Forensics – Collection of Evidence

  • Chain of Custody
  • Order of Volatility
  • Data Acquisition
  • Time Offset and Time Normalization
  • Capture System Image and Forensic Copy
  • Taking Hashes

Legal Hold
Right-to-Audit Clauses
Exam Tip – In the exam if you need to compare two hashes just look at the last three values on the right hand side – you do not have enough time compare the whole hash